Thursday, June 11, 2015

Daily Sketches: Home

Sketch #10

Sketch #11
Process: I was sent a few emails asking about how I make the houses. Since I used Gelli-printed (mrnoprinted) papers that I've made at another time, the process is not messy and is very fun. It's also a great way to use scraps, torn or partially damaged papers, or partial prints. I cut shapes for the basic house - some are symmetrical, while others are not. I pair papers together where I think the colors or patterns compliment each other. I then piece together the shoes that look like a dwelling. I'll glue smaller shapes that look like windows and doors onto the house part. The next step is to add any fun shapes (like a heart or gingerbread, or trim). Lastly, I'll add some final work with a pen or ink. I'll outline various elements and add some highlights as I think look appropriate.

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