Sunday, July 05, 2015


We have been blessed beyond measure. 
We returned home after a memorable two week trip in Europe. We took trains between countries and went in the chunnel, across the French countryside and through Switzerland. We ate local foods, walked over 100 miles, met many friendly people, saw amazing sights, and had a wonderful time together.
My favorite part was meeting up with my sister and her family. They were so welcoming, so kind, and so funny. It was hard to leave them!
I spoke with all my sibling this week. It was great to hear their voices and tell them about my trip.
We had a fun Fourth of July. The weather held out and we saw a brilliant fireworks display.
Allie's boyfriend sent us a Louisiana care package. We tried Gator-Tators Chips from Zapps, which combine dill with Cajun seasoning. They were delicious.
We went to dinner with good friends and planned another one at a new restaurant for next week. More laughs are guaranteed. 
We had great tennis with some friends when we returned. I love to play outside with fun people. I'm grateful for my partner, too.

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