Sunday, July 19, 2015


This week my blessings were even more plentiful. 
  • My in-laws celebrated 65 years of marriage. 65 years. Holy smoke!
  • Jonathan and I had our 25th anniversary, which is a quarter of a century. Holy smoke!
  • Allie returned from her trip to Louisiana to visit with her John and his family. They were so hospitable to her. She had a wonderful, wonderful time and is still talking about all they did. They took her tuna fishing and we even got a package in the mail of frozen fresh tuna and red snapper. Both were freshly caught and we've already tried the tuna. It was delicious!
  • Ashley's friends, May and Ester, returned to Boston, after a long weekend. We were sad to see them go, as our home full of 20 something girls was quiet again!
  • Despite a rainy week, we managed to get some tennis in! Tennis is always a good thing.
  • I worked on the manuscript for "Death on the Island". Once again, I got lost in the story and loved my job.
  • I worked on some artwork as an outlet for the writing. It's done strictly for therapeutic purposes, but I feel I do my best work when I'm not focused on the outcome.
  • I touched base with an old friend. Always a fun thing.
  • The girls and I planned a brunch menu for their grandparent's anniversary: Crab chowder, Beef Wellington, Green Salad, Anniversary Cake.

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