Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Red, White, and Blue Cake for the Fourth of July or Memorial Day

This post is a little late for the Fourth this year, but it's a good one for anytime you want to make a three color cake. The classic red, white, and blue theme is great for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veteran's Day, and so forth. Other options would be to use school colors, colors for a wedding, or just favorite colors.
I made batter for a standard white cake recipe and divided it into thirds. I dyed one third red and one third blue and left the last portion white. I baked the cakes as normal and then let them cool. Tip: to give the nice flat bottom on the cake, be sure to line the greased pans with parchment paper.
To assemble the cake, you will be a generous recipe for frosting. I used white for this cake.
 Remove the cake from the pans and follow the directions below.
Remove the parchment from the bottom of each layer. Slice the rounded top off cakes to give flat surfaces. Then, using cookie cutters or tracing a smaller pan, cut  2 concentric circles from your cake as shown. Gently remove each circle, so that you have 9 pieces of cake (six rings and three small circles of cake).
Gently frost the outer edge of the inside rings and then smallest rings and then place them inside different colored cakes as shown above.
Frost between the newly formed layers and stack your cake as you would normally. 
The cake looks unassuming while frosted white with a simple American flag.
And then bright and unexpected when sliced.

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