Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tiptoeing Across Europe: Art Journal - London

For my art journal, I wanted to capture how important the Thames River is to London. It affects transportation, economics, the landscape, and the beauty of the city. I had no idea that it is such a windy river and how bridges are peppered throughout the city. London is a beautiful walking city, with foot trails, paths, and views all along the river. 
I drew The Thames crossing each page of my journal. We tried unusual (for us) methods of transport. We did high speed catamaran, air trams (Emirates Air Line), the tube (London subway), International railway, high speed train.
 We visited the home of London's oldest prison, "The Clink", saw the London Eye, had High Tea, tried the Pimm's Cup, and walked and walked.
On our last night, we went for dinner in The Shard at The Aqua Shard and had amazing views of the city at night. We luckily caught the last train to our hotel before the subway shut down for the night. It was a great stay.

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