Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tiptoeing Across Europe: Art Journal - Modena, Italy

In my art journal for the first part of Italy, I wanted to capture the excitement and energy that we felt while visiting my sister and her amazing family. We spent almost every waking hour with them and it wasn't enough! I tried to document as much as I could, but there are so many little things that happened that I hope I remember forever.
We had some funny little things that happened to us. Veronica and Mounir took us to a delicious and very special restaurant for a family dinner. The waiters, who knew Veronica and Mounir very well, were eager to make us feel welcome and were all so kind. One saw that I hadn't ordered a drink and insisted upon getting one for me. I quickly remembered "Lemonata" a sparkling lemon drink that I like. The waiter, Orlando, explained that they he would be glad to squeeze the lemons himself. He was gone for twenty minutes and my sister explained that he could be a little distracted at times. Well, we were wrong, he hadn't been distracted! He spent the entire time squeezing at least 6 lemons into a wine glad for me! He brought the "drink" out to me along with 2 packets of sugar. When I saw the beverage, I thought, "that doesn't look sparkly"... my sister looked at me and I said, "that looks like lemon juice".  Her eyes widened and she said, "Oh, no!" Sure enough it was lemon juice. We giggled together. I drank every drop, too. After all, Orlando worked very hard to give me fresh juice.
I drew a picture of the cake that Veronica and Mounir ordered to celebrate Allie's college graduation. I sketched some fruit we saw in the market and the old church in the city center.
We found some large green walnuts at the market and asked what variety they were. The vendor told us that they were for infusing into alcohol. Later that day, in the restaurant, we were served some walnut liquor.
I sketched out some images from our trip to Florence, including a museum ticket. On the other side of the page, I included the laurel wreath that Veronica and Mounir had made for Allie. In Italy, college graduates wear a laurel leaf crown for a day, complete with ribbons in the back that depict the color school they attended.
I included grapes, as Modena is the balsamic vinegar capital. I also drew a bucket, the symbol of Modena's victory.
Here's a close up of Allie's graduation laurels with black ribbon for engineering.
I sketched some beautiful purses we found in Florence and the awesome purse my sister gave me.
I included our last day and the pastries we ate as well as the Duplo blocks my nephew played with.

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