Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tiptoeing Across Europe: Art Journal - Milano, Italy

The second part of my art journal depicted sights for our trip to Milano.
I drew more gelato that we enjoyed after our first dinner in Milano.
 We saw a beautiful iron chain in one of the plazas. It was used as a gate and I sketched it.
We walked through the Castle Sforzesca and to the Duomo. They were gorgeous buildings. 
Our last meal in Milano was delicious and fun. Allie and I ordered a steak that was served on a hot stone. 
The last few pages of my art journal were fun pieces that I saw on our trip. I included a sculpture, coat of arms, orange, bowl of sugar cubes, new sneakers that Allie found, cappuccino and asparagus.
I sketched a rose and then made a list of the things we saw and did.

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