Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Tiptoeing Across Europe: Art Journal, Spain

Continuing with the Tiptoeing Across Europe posts, I wanted to include pictures of my art journal.
In addition to taking photographs of our vacation, I wanted to create journal of our trip that while visual, wasn't done with cameras, but with my own hand. This was done for a many reasons, but the most simple explanation was that it gave me an outlet for my thoughts. This trip was emotionally huge for me and I wanted some way to process it all, while working through my feelings of excitement, newness, and joy. I sketched, painted, and wrote in this journal and it came out as a personal reminder of what we did, as we were doing it!
I made the bones of the journal before we left on our trip. I took some plain watercolor paper, some papers that I stained with ink, and some decorated papers and had them bound at Staples. (They will do this with any stack of papers. Just bring them to the printing counter, select a binding, and covers and pay the fee.)
When we departed for Europe, I began to make sketches on the flight. I drew the first page and included icons for each country we were visiting: Queen's guard for England, Bull for Spain, etc. I recorded the dates of travel for the intended countries. I brought along the journal, a small watercolor palette, a water brush, a permanent-waterproof marker, and a pencil.
The first few pages were among my favorites and were totally unexpected. I didn't know what I was going to want to sketch or write. The page on the left in the top of the photo was a list of our itinerary. I didn't like how the page looked, so I quickly sketched the ariel view of Zurich from our plane. I loved the way the countryside was so green! 
There is a transparency page that is on the right hand side in the top photo and the left hand side in the bottom one. It appears to be white streaks. I liked the way it kind of hides the page. You have to turn it over to read the words. The page on the right contains a stained glass from a cathedral we visited and an umbrella from al fresco dining.
The next two pages included our activities, foods, and sights that we saw.

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