Friday, July 10, 2015

Tiptoeing Across Europe: Brussels, Belgium

Our next stop along our journey was to Brussels, Belgium. 
I admit that I knew very little about Brussels before our trip. While we were in Europe, people would ask us our next destination and when we answered Brussels, they would say, "Manneken Pis".
Even our cab driver suggested we visit Manneken. Since he spoke little English and we spoke even less Spanish, he made a gesture of, well.... a man pissing. We were caught off guard, to say the least. But, even this didn't discourage us from tracking down Manneken Pis.
So, off to Brussels we went by train.
We found giant flowerpots! No Manneken.
And Belgium waffles... three types... Still no Mannekin.
Not in the town square. Isn't it pretty though?
Wait! Is that it?
No, that's a statue of a chocolate cheer holding a waffle in one hand and something else in the other. But, we're getting closer.
OMG. That's it. That's the real Manneken Pis, meaning "Little Man Pee" in Dutch. And he was a teeny, tiny, little guy. And people flocked to see him. There were crowds galore. We just looked at each other and agreed that we preferred the chocolate statue, or as we call him. Manneken Waffle.
7 hours
Walked 4.7 miles
Foods: Orangina, Stella Artois, Belgium Waffles, Liege Waffles, Sugar Pancakes
Weather: Cloudy and in the 60's

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