Thursday, July 09, 2015

Tiptoeing Across Europe: Madrid, Spain

Our first stop Tiptoeing Across Europe was Madrid, Spain. It was our first time in Spain and Ashley wanted to visit "El Oso y El Madrono" the Bear and the Strawberry Tree, which is the symbol of Madrid.
This was the first place we visited after we got a bite to eat. It was a grand statue in the center of a square, La Puerta del Sol. We walked around some more and found lots of things to see.
I loved how they put up these sun shields to keep the hot rays off tourists and townsfolk.
There were beautiful fountains and flowers.
We came across a beautiful market with so many vendors.
We even found an Apple Store tucked in one of the old buildings.
There was newfound artwork in unexpected places. This lizard is made from old compact discs.
We walked into a beautiful park with exquisite statues, fountains, and steps.
And took advantage of the great weather. I even had my own rower.
The girls had to do their own rowing.
Spain Stats:
2 days, 2 nights
Walked 13.41 miles
Foods: Sangria, Tapas, Cured meats, olives
Weather: Sunny and in the 80's

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