Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tiptoeing Across Europe: Paris, France

Paris was next on our journey. We left London via train and took the "chunnel" into France. There was a delay, due to a failed train in the tunnel, but eventually we arrived in Paris. We took the metro from the train station, checked into our hotel, and then walked to the Eiffel Tower.
We arrived to cloudy, overcast skies and bought tickets to ride up the tower.
By the time we got up, it started to downpour... really downpour! It was cold and the girls went to find a poncho for Jon. Here they are at the base of the tower.
We headed back to our hotel and then to a very fun dinner, late at night. The waitress was adorable and made us laugh. It was a great ending to an exhausting day.
The next day, we set out for more sights. There were so many bakeries with beautiful breads. We drank Orangina in restaurants, from the metro vending machines, and anywhere else we could find it!
We walked around Paris, occasionally hopping on the metro, and made our way to The Louvre Museum. The grounds were beautiful.

We walked and walked...
There were beautiful fountains on the streets and in front of museums.
Ah, Paris!

France Stats:
2 days, 2 nights
Walked 20.9 miles
Foods: Orangina, breads, macarons, red wine, pastry
Weather: Rainy, cloudy in the 60's

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