Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Tiptoeing Across Europe

We took a once-in-a lifetime vacation to Europe for Allie's graduation. We visited six countries in two weeks. The four of us. The weather didn't always cooperate, we were exhausted from our travels, at time we bickered, we didn't speak the languages, and we only brought carry-on luggage. But, it was FANTASTIC!
Ashley plotted out our routes and together we booked hotels. Ashley is highly organized and orderly and did a fantastic job booking trains, figuring out the metro systems of Paris and London, and navigating us through unfamiliar grounds. We walked over 100 miles in two weeks, tried new foods, people watched, studied history, and had a marvelous time together.

Here is a sneak peek of our adventures. I'll go into more detail over the next few days.
Waffles in Belgium 
Chorizo in Madrid
The Tower Bridge in London
Teas in London before a jaunt to Buckingham Palace
An angel falling asleep in his father's arms
Gelato in Italy
Cutie Pies in Paris

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