Sunday, August 02, 2015


Another week of blessings and fortunate things in my life.
We had a visitor from Louisiana, so I made a sketch of crawfish cookies and then rolled and decorated some! They were a hit.
I sketched out some "Monster Jeep" cookies for a good friend and then executed them, as well.
We went to a fun birthday party for our good friend Mark. His lovely wife planned a fabulous party and we helped her with some of the details. It was a fun week preparing for the big day.
Ashley joined us for some tennis this week. She is getting back into the sport after a year off due to injury and doing very well.
Allie and John are busy preparing for their conference next week. They've been working on their presentation, soldering, preparing slides, doing interviews, and practicing public speaking.
I've been busy writing and working on the next book.

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