Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Colors for Autumn 2015

Pantone Inc., headquartered in New Jersey is a standardized color system known by printers, designers, and fashion editors. Each of the 1,114 colors can be made by mixing 14 base pigments in specific formulas. They are the "go to" in the printing world.
When I design posters or product colors and I want to recreate the EXACT shade, I will request a specific Pantone number. This color will then be recreated exactly.
Fashion designers also use this system, allowing a skirt from a line of clothing purchased in New York, to match the blouse from the same line in Seattle.
Each season "new" colors come out. This is done to revitalize the profits for the season's fashion, but it's also a fun way to brighten your wardrobe. This autumn, the colors are somewhat predictable, but also beautiful. I think they look like "dusty" fall colors and I love them.  There are four shades of green, three oranges, and three purples. And there are lots of ways to combine them.

Here are a few and I am curious to see how designers incorporate outfits, yarn, fabric and patterns using these colors. Think leather purses, boots, tights, knit sweaters, suede jackets, wool pants, and plaids.

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