Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Daily Sketches: Painted Ladies

For August, my Sketch-A-Day is Painted Ladies. I wanted to work on drawing and sketching faces. You can see progress as the month progresses, which makes me very pleased. Faces are difficult for me because they not only depict features, like eyes, nose, mouth, but they have to depict a soul. This is quite the challenge, because it's easy to get lost in trying to get the details correct and lose the emotion of the person. Are they happy? curious? pensive? bored? Do they look anything like a real person?
Sketch #1 is a profile, which while being only "half" of a face, is worlds more difficult, because it still has to look real. This is quite the challenge for me.
Sketch #2 was difficult to capture bone structure and shadows. I did like playing with unusual colors.
Sketch #3 was an exercise in color and creating an intense stare.
Sketch #4 was a challenge because I wanted to work on hair and the way it blocks facial features.
Sketch #5 was fun to do because I played with color again and added a hat.

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