Tuesday, August 04, 2015

German Chocolate Cake for a Crowd

Last year, I made a German Chocolate Cake for our dear friend's birthday. This year, I did it again, but made it for a larger group. Instead of a 8" round cake, I made a 13x9 cake. I followed the recipe, except made 3 layers of 13x9, which was 2.5 times the original recipe.
Now, I used the same modifications - chocolate cake, coconut & pecan caramel filling and chocolate frosting on the outside of the cake. Most German Chocolate Cakes do not use the chocolate frosting, but I like to add the rich and sweet fudge frosting to offset the cake layer. 
I also used unsweetened coconut in the frosting and found that it cut the sweetness of the caramel quite nicely. I toasted the coconut and pecans ahead of time, which accentuated their flavors. I assembled all the part: 3 cakes, chocolate frosting, coconut and pecan filling, simple syrup with rum.
I placed a layer of cake, then brushed it with the rum simple syrup. I piped chocolate frosting around the edge to act as a dam to hold the filling, then added the coconut and pecan filling.
I placed another layer of cake on top, made sure it was even on all sides, and then brushed on the syrup, made the frosting dam...
And filled it with coconut-pecan filling.
I topped it with another layer, then adjusted it to be sure it was even, brushed it with syrup...
 and did a crumb coat of chocolate frosting over the entire cake. I then placed it in the refrigerator to chill for 30 minutes.
I took it out, added a border, more coconut-pecan filling and more frosting on the base.
I added a bunch of cherries on top because they brighten up the cake, even if no one eats them!
Here's a cross section: cake, filling, frosting, YUM!
And the birthday boy who loved his cake!

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