Thursday, August 27, 2015

In the News... New Hampshire

New Hampshire has a small population, relatively speaking, with only 1,327,000 people. (The USA has a population of 318,857,000). Yet, despite this small percentage of people, NH has it's share of characters. In fact, it seems that when someone makes the news, they have a NH connection. The state newspapers, radio, and single television station have a field day with this.
I think there's plenty of "news" within the White Mountains. For example:

A bull ran away from home and was loose in our capital city. It shut down the road for 10 minutes during rush hour!

Like politicians everywhere, ours waste time and money. State Reps have created a contest for kids to find the dumbest laws in the state. Yes, some genius thought of this one.

And it's not just the politicians who "are a few eggs short of a dozen". Free the Nipple Movement has come to NH with about 50 women choosing to go topless to support their rights to do so.

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