Sunday, September 20, 2015


Another week full of blessings.
I partnered with an old friend for a tennis match and we had a tremendous time. Not only did we play well together, but our opponents were gracious and good sports. Halfway through the match, on a changeover, my opponents asked me to join their Wednesday team! I was flattered and truly enjoyed the match as well as making new tennis friends.
Jon and I went to dinner with our very good friends at a new restaurant. My friend set up a belated birthday celebration for me in cahoots with my daughter. We walked around after dinner and visited old buildings and locals. It was a fun night.
Another good tennis friend and I drove to our Thursday morning match and got rained out. Instead, we opted to go to breakfast with other teammates. We salvaged the morning with laughter and serious talk. It was a good way to start the day.
Jon and I had a delicious Indian dinner at our favorite restaurant. The owner stopped by our table and chatted with us and then brought us some of his homemade "guess the flavor" ice cream. The ice cream was a lovely peach color dotted with some kind of seed and sprinkled with ginger and pistachio. I guessed a goat's milk turmeric flavor and Jon guessed mango. It turned out it was mango with cardamon, pistachio, ginger coconut milk "ice cream". Yummy!
I won a free facial massage at the local spa. It was a surprise raffle at their Open House.
The girls went to an Ice Bar in Boston. September and 80 degrees and they wore hoodies and scarves!  They had fun.

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