Thursday, September 17, 2015

Drawing in Stages: Nicolo the Shark Dentist

I come from a crazy family. I say that confident that no one in the family will dispute my claims. And I also mean that in the most proud and flattering way. I call us crazy (for many reasons) but mostly because there is a lot of creativity running through our veins. This original way of thinking might cause some people to raise their eyebrows in surprise, but it is par-for-the course for us.
Since "crazy" tends to be seen as a negative thing, I prefer to use the term "gumption" to describe that creative energy. You see, it's not just unusual ideas, but the will and drive to execute them that I admire. Good or bad, this energy is part of me and I have come to embrace it! And, I tend to embrace others when they show a spark of gumption, as well.
Meet Nicolo! This darling little boy is brilliant. He has the same drive that I see in my father, my siblings, and my children. Sure, he's related to us, (second cousin or grand-nephew, or something) so it's no wonder he's got the eccentric energy. But, damn, it makes me proud.
He told his mama: "Mamma ho deciso cosa faro' da grande: il dentista degli squali"
"Mom, I decided what I'm going to be: the great dentist of sharks"

Would you argue with someone who is brave enough to work inside a shark's mouth?

 After I got done chuckling, I thought of a visual to go along with an adorable little boy playing dentist to a giant shark. Shark's are very smart creatures, so if they were going to see a dentist, they would be on their best behavior, right? And chances are, they would want to wear a shirt, so when they sit in the dentist chair, they don't stick to the leather upholstery.... And don't forget the dental bib.
And Dr. Nicolo will need his mask and gloves... and what should he be doing to the shark?
Well, pulling a tooth, of course!
And so, the craziness gumption, continues.
I penciled my idea out...
Then, outlined it in ink.
I added the first layers of color for shading.
Then more layers. I wanted to make that mouth look fierce!
And then finished the colors...

Then tidied it up on the computer!

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