Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Extending Summer Clothing Into Fall

The transition from summer to fall can be dreadful if you love the warm weather. But, not all is lost. You can still hang on to summer fashions a while longer while transitioning into autumn. To keep wearing your favorite clothes, try adding layering pieces:
Summer Maxi-dresses or Long Skirts - add layers underneath, like short sleeve or long sleeve shirts or adding layers on top, like a chambray shirt, cardigan, or chunky sweater.
Shorts or Shorter Skirts - add tights or leggings with shorty boots.
Tanks or Sleeveless Shirts - add a blazer or structured jacket.
Short Dresses - pair with fitted jeans instead of tights or leggings for a different look.
Scarf - Use a large scarf as a wrap when wearing light clothing or fitted tops.
Jacket - add a leather or denim jacket with a sundress
Boots, boots, boots! Add boots to tights, skirts, shorts, leggings. Boots are a great fall piece.

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