Saturday, September 05, 2015

What in the World is This?

My father found this very interesting tool and we were trying to figure out what it is! Any guesses?

I showed the picture to friends and they knew the answers.. at least, those that worked with animals knew the correct answer.
Answers included : Primitive Venetian Chastity device, back scratcher, horse brush, dog hair brush, and curry brush.

Well, if you said a metal curry brush, you would be correct! They can be purchased on amazon for $9 called a curry comb.

What is a curry comb or metal curry brush used for?
Horse Grooming - to clean horse brushes as the teeth might be too painful for the skin or hair. Others use it to clean the mud off horses, (gently, I hope)
Dog Grooming - to remove brush, ticks, grass, etc from a thick fur coat
Sheep Grooming - before trimming the sheep, use the curry comb to clear the wool of debris, then after the sheep is washed, curry the wool again before toweling the sheep dry.
Cattle - remove caked on mud from show cattle
Fish Scaler - use on large fish to quickly remove scales

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