Sunday, October 11, 2015


This past week I've been working long days and nights. I've been so focused that my eyes are dry and  I had a three day long migraine. I know that it's from working so much, but I'm at a point with my writing that I have to get the words down and out of my head. There isn't even an urgency to it, I don't feel compelled to write for hours, I just do it. At the end of the day, I think "What! It's already 5:00? I just started!" Luckily, for me, Jon understands my process. He is amazingly patient about it and encourages me to let the words flow. He knows that these "spells" don't last for weeks and I love that he takes all the pressure off me to prepare meals, grocery shop, and do laundry. I am blessed that he lets me pursue my dream and his support also validates it for mr.
Even though, I've been working up a storm, I have been blessed with moments with friends. My good friend and I grabbed a quick dinner and laughed and made future plans.
We met a neighbor, whom I recognized from seeing for years around the condo. He is a large man with a strained gate and a rather mean look on his face. The sides of his mouth droop down, which gives him a perpetual frown. I spotted him at the local gym and waved to him. He didn't react. I smiled and went about setting up my machine. When I turned around he had hobbled over to me, apologizing for not recognizing me. He surprised me that he made the extra effort to acknowledge me and appreciated it.
Jon and I used to got to a bagel place in town where he got a sandwich called a snakebite. It was a turkey, green chili, salsa, sunflower seed filling on a wild berry bagel bun. Jon loved it. The bagel place went out of business, but I remembered it and recreated it for him. His tastes have changed, and he likes things spicier now, so I added jalapeños to the sandwich and replaced the salsa with tomato slices. He loved it and it made me happy that he remembered it!
I wan in contact with my sisters and brother this week. It always makes me happy to hear what they are doing, what their kids are doing, and just knowing that everyone is busy and happy.

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