Sunday, October 25, 2015


I have been blessed with a week of miracles.
My daughters sent funny text messages after going to a comedy show. Their texts made me laugh and it was great to hear from them.
My artistic friend sent me a lovely email. It brought a smile to my face and gave me lots to ponder during the week.
I played so much tennis this week. My partners were lovely and made for great matches.
It's Stone Crab Season in Florida. This needs no more explanation!
The above photo, though difficult to understand, is of our friend who has a big heart. I jokingly called him the "Dove Whisperer" because he came to his neighbor's rescue when a dove flew into her home. He responded with his broom and enticed the bird to grab onto the bristles of his broom. From there, he led the bird outside. Here's to good neighbors!
I'm making a wedding cake for a friend in November. The extra challenge is that she's gluten free! I've never made a gluten free wedding cake, so I will keep you posted. 

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