Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"That's Not a Knife... This is a Knife!"

One of my guilty pleasures is reading about stupid criminals. I appreciate it when the natural consequences of a negative act are negative.
Take this little gem. "Clerk Brandishes Bigger Knife, Scares Off Intruder" from the New Hampshire newspaper. This creep went into a convenience store and attempted to rob the clerk using a small knife. The clerk, clearly familiar with being robbed, kept a large knife behind the counter. When the small blade cretan threatened her, she pulled out her larger blade. The criminal, while looking for the quick buck, wasn't as foolish as he looked and hightailed it out of there. He wasn't captured and the police are still looking for him. The clerk, a woman, was pleased with herself.
The only thing better would have been if he tripped and broke his leg as he ran out the door!

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