Sunday, November 29, 2015


Thanksgiving is a fantastic reason to be thankful.
This week, I prepped for Thanksgiving, but had a lot of help from my daughters. They spoiled us with homemade Sweet Potato Pie (my favorite) and Cranberry Ambrosia (everyone's favorite). We had a lovely day and Jon's parents joined us for dinner.
Allie and Ashley's friend visited with us after the holiday. He hails from Moscow, originally, but went to college with Allie. It was a pleasure to have him visiting and to see how well he got along with our girls.
The girls arrived last week and the time flew bye. I was lucky enough to spend alone time with each girl. I miss them and being able to get back into our habits and banter is quite comforting.
The holiday week put a dent in my tennis, but the few times I got to play were very fun.
I tried Kobe beef for the first time. It's something I've heard about and was looking forward to tasting.  Sadly, it was unremarkable, at least in the gourmet hamburger. Perhaps a Kobe steak would be more remarkable.
We saw a tree lighting and went to a park that was decorated with Christmas lights. It was festive and a great way to welcome Advent.

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