Sunday, November 08, 2015


This week was full of blessings.
My father sent me his delicious gluten-free cake recipe. I am so grateful to him for this precious gem!
I played lots of tennis this week with great people. 
Jon played in a tournament under the lights. It was a late match and was quiet. It was so fun to watch.
I made a wedding cake for our friends wedding. It's always a challenge to make the cake, transport it, and display it in perfect condition. Thanks to Jon's hard work packaging it, we were successful.
The girls had a pre-Thanksgiving feast with their friends, a "Friendsgiving" and sent us a great photo of smiling faces. It was a welcome sight.
One of our friends showed us some videos she made while spearfishing. It was like watching something from Jacques Cousteau! Unbelievable.
We had a week of Daylight Savings Time and the earlier sunsets. While I don't like the shorter days, I do like to wake up to the sun.

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