Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Logo Design In Steps : Robert's Sangria

Here are some steps in creating a logo or label for a product, which in this case, is Robert's Sangria.
The goal of the label is to depict the product in a appealing way that conveys an emotion or some information. In this case, it was information: a description of Sangria. The logo was intended to show the simplicity of the products and ingredients, just fruit and herbs in a glass full of ice. 
The colors had to be vibrant, the illustrations easily recognizable, and the label legible.
After creating and fine-tuning a sketch, I decided to make the words bright, so they would stand out from the illustration, but not distract. I added color and made the black really black.

I removed the background to see how it would look on a label. I then added a frame as an alternative label.

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