Friday, November 06, 2015

The Military to Pay Sports Teams to Honor Vets

The latest heartbreaking news to come across the headlines is the fact that the Unites States National Guard paid NFL teams to act like they were honoring our troops to the tune of over 49 million dollars.
Let's see all the things wrong with this.
1. The US military advertises it's troops to the masses under the guise of "honoring them". This is not patriotism but paid propaganda.
2. The military allocates tax dollars to honor a select few troops by having them parade around professional athletes who are adored by fans. How many spectators were aware that the NFL profited from this scene?
3.The NFL makes $9 billion a year. Athletes are paid in the millions of dollars. They have the nerve to bring troops on the field under the guise of being patriotic and altruistic.
4. Tax dollars from the few remaining hard-working Americans were used to pay for this farce.
5. This information was hidden from taxpayers, the same people footing the bill.

This is horrible. There is no doubt that corruption is rampant in the USA, but to think that our tax dollars are being used to advertise with the NFL is awful. Even worse, the NFL played along with the charade that they were honoring our troops and our military personal.
The National Football League should have honored the troops without receiving a single penny from the government. They are the NATIONAL Football League, after all. And to actually "honor the troops" they have to do just that, not accept money for a promotional charade. Absolutely terrible.

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