Sunday, December 13, 2015


This week has been filled with blessings for me and my family.
Jon and I safely traveled back north to prepare for Christmas and winter break with our girls. My father was so kind to prepare the house for our arrival, as well as hide some present deliveries that Santa brought early. Thank you, Dad!

I found this lovely eye shadow palette from Urban Decay. It's endorsed by singer Gwen Stefani and while I usually veer away from celebrity items, these colors are gorgeous. The set is full of neutrals, but has a few bold colors that pop when paired together. Beautiful, rich pigment. $58 for 15 colors. Lovely.
My dear friend and her husband became US Citizens! I am so proud and happy for them, my fellow Americans.
My siblings (minus 1) got together for a pre-Christmas celebration. We had a great time and my nieces and nephew were adorable, affectionate, and brilliant. Can't wait for Christmas 2016 to do it again. My brother and sister-in-law were kind enough to host at their beautiful home. we had a great, great time together. Here I am trying to wrangle two of them.
Since one of our activities were putting together Legos (thank goodness the children know what they're doing), I thought I'd make chocolate lego pieces to garnish the cupcakes.
And then topped the cupcakes with the candies. Everyone was surprised that they were edible.
My nephew told me, "Aunt Lala, you're so good at art you should be an art teacher!" I was honored. What a terrific compliment to receive.
I watched both of the older children show kindness to the youngest. It's no wonder that she adores them both, as they are so good to her. It warmed my heart to watch them treat her so well. They looked out for their cousin and showed her such respect and love. My siblings are doing a great job with their children.

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