Monday, December 14, 2015

Project: Fabric Christmas Tree

Fabric Christmas Tree

 Here's a fabric Christmas tree that's made from scraps of fabric, lace and some jingle bells.
 I made this without a pattern and it was very forgiving…. I started by making strips of fabric, approximately 4 inches wide by 6 - 10 inches long. I folded each piece in half and finger pressed them.
 I sewed with a simple basting stitch to hold the fold together. I wasn't worried about the raw ends showing because they will be tucked and hidden away.
 Notice the seam...
 I placed all the sewn strips on top of each other, trying to find a pleasing set up.
 Then I cut the stack into a triangular shape, so the bottom strip was the longest. (I still didn't sew it down.)
 Then I took the longest strip and placed that so the folded edge overhang the end of the muslin. I topstitched across the original seam to hold it in place.
 I continued to do this with the shorter lengths of fabric, making sure the next layer hid the stitch marks on the previous fabric strip.
 I did this on all of them, right to the top piece.
 And the strips were adhered, I sewed a triangle outline from the top down, going to the next to last strip.
 All three sides are done.
 I went over the triangle shape with a zig-zag stitch to make it decorative.
 I trimmed around the triangle, leaving the last strip untouched. Then, I used another folded strip to make the tree trunk and attached it on by sewing underneath a piece of folded fabric.
 I wanted to add a but more, so I pit in a few pieces of lace in between the folds and topstitched them in place.

Lastly, I sewed on some ribbon, a wire hook and some jingle bells.

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