Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Project: Gelli Printed Paper Mache Ornaments

Gelli-Printed Paper Mache Ornaments

I love working with the Gelli plate and have made so many beautiful (and some not so beautiful) prints. Unlike other ornaments that I made using Gelli prints, these ornaments are more direct and take out the middle-man, so to speak. I don't print onto papers, I print directly on the paper mache.
I used acrylic paints, both artist tubes and craft paints, my Gelli-plate, stencils and a brayer. I chose my favorite colors of blue/aqua along with whites to get the background I wanted. You can use any shape paper mache ornament, but I chose flat ones.
I first prepped the ornaments by coating with a layer of white paint. You can use gesso, too or you can just skip this step altogether if you don't mind the look of the brown paper mache.
 Here are the ornaments all prepped.
 Then, I went to town, Gelli-printing just like I do with pages.
 The first print was vibrant (just as on paper). I really liked the way the plate looked with the stencil removed.
 I "ghost printed" these ornaments and the look is not 100% covered, but that's OK with me.
 Look at this gorgeous print that I took, just to remove the paint from the plate! Jackpot.
 Here are more ornaments made, using the stencil overlaid on the  paint covered plate.
 See how they ornaments didn't get covered all the way. The paper mache isn't "level" some parts are concave and others convex. I don't mind this, but it's good to know for people who want complete coverage.
 To get the sides, I rolled the ornament around the plate. I really like how this came out.
 And here's the stack of them...
And here's what I did with the Gelli-printed ornaments. I used them as a base to add red and white themed objects

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