Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Project: Gelli Printed Paper Wreath

Gelli Printed Paper Wreath

 Here's another project using those fabulous Gelli printed pages. This project can use any size papers, even scraps, unlike the Gelli-Paper Chains which uses paper strips.
For this project, find some of your Gelli pages, a leaf punch or a even an oval punch.  You can also just cut out shapes by hand. I used a circular ring that I are from mat board that I Gelli-printed to use as a frame for the wreath.
I punched the leaves and ovals out -- lots of them, over 30… and then folded them in half to give the wreath some dimension. You could also just leave the leaves flat, but the fold also reminds me of the veins in the leaves.
I didn't draw veins, but you could do that too.
Then, using Elmer's glue, I placed the leaves on the wreath, tucking them here and there, making sure all the leaves pointed in the same general direction.  I let it dry and then strung a ribbon on it. It's light enough to hang on a tree branch or even a cupboard door!

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