Sunday, January 17, 2016


This week has been full of blessings. There is so much for which I'm grateful. 
I have been very busy working on my current book and that has caused me to schedule my time. I have a daily schedule for writing and research that has cut my free time drastically. I've had to budget my time and really plan how to spend my limited free time. I have more work to do, including being better about grocery shopping, but I am now going to blog 4-5 times a week, instead of daily.
Jon and I were able to get in tennis, despite the cold temperatures. I love the way it looks like there is snow in the background (it's not even frost) and palm trees. We were so cold playing in the 50 degree weather. Jon wore gloves and we both wore hats!
 One day it warmed up and a little critter came out to watch me pick up tennis balls. The salamander hopped up on my racquet and just claimed it as his own.
 While the girls were home for winter break, we went to the movies to see the Christmas episode of Sherlock. It was fun, despite some problems with the reel... but once it started showing, it was fun to watch one of our favorite TV shows on the big screen.
Allie has started working with children at her dojo. She looks just like she used to look when she was a tiny child doing karate.

Ash and her favorite pet. I don't know which one is happier to see the other.
 My second youngest sister married her love, early this year! So happy for them.
I am blessed that my father and my daughters have a close relationship. They visited him this week and he provided them with another delicious meal, which they proudly showed me. It's amazing to see my father and my adult children get along and appreciate each other. 
I'm working on doing some pampering each month. January was a gift of a pedicure. Not only do I like have pretty toenails, but Roxanne, who did a great job on my tennis feet, made me laugh out loud. It was a fun 45 minutes. I enjoyed the conversation, the laughs, and the pampering.
Allie likes to photograph wild birds (and other animals) and I like to photograph her photographing them!
She mesmerizes them by being very still.
And then captures some great shots.
and 2016 is the Year of the Handstand.

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