Sunday, January 24, 2016


While this week brought Snowstorm Jonas to the east coast, NH was blessed with a light dusting of snow. Original reports tagged the state for feet of snow, but we lucked out this time.
A very old friend contacted me and brought a smile to my face. Last we spoke, he was ten years old and visiting us while learning to ski. Fast forward to today... he snowboards daily and lives in Colorado where he says he's "living the dream".
We had dinner with our good friends at a Hibachi grill. The chef sliced and diced, tossed knives, and made a flaming onion tower for us. But, the most interesting part of the night was hearing my friend laugh about her latest excursion.
My tennis partner and I had another great match. It was one of the few times I wore a wool hat on the court.
Ashley had friends over and prepared an Indian feast. We heard good things about her dinner party.
Both of my girls are active in different martial arts. It's fun to hear the enthusiasm in their voices when they talk about various maneuvers. They become more confident as they learn more about themselves through this physical sport.
My father has been busy taking care of our cat. I think she's going to adopt him and forget about us.
I finally found the Lego Millennium Falcon available for order for my nephew's birthday! I waited for weeks for it to be available and once it was, I ordered it ASAP. Now, he just has to wait to open it.
I had a long chat with Jon's mother where she shared many of her memories. She was delightful.
I am blessed to have a thoughtful family. 

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