Sunday, January 31, 2016


The last few days of January 2016 bring many blessings.
Jon and I went for an 8 mile walk. We had a great time talking, walking, and taking a break at the 4 mile walk for lunch.
We saw a few interesting things... a cormorant, whose feathers do not repel water, so they hold their wings open to dry them.
A bunny, right outside our building! He let me get fairly close, so I snapped a few pics of him.
A beautiful sailboat on the water. Such a pretty image. It was a nice afternoon with my husband.
 We went to dinner with a couple of friends on Friday night at a new-to-us restaurant.
 The restaurant is a Thai-Mexican restaurant and the food is delicious. Some spices from the two cultures overlap (garlic, chili, cilantro) but others are unusual... like chipotle in curry. Very tasty. We had a great night with our friends and we laughed so hard, that my sides hurt! What a fabulous ending to a great dinner.
I had a few great tennis matches this week. I played with different partners and each was a pleasure. What a lucky week for me!
I picked up a friend from the airport and we stopped for some weekday shopping and dinner. We had a great time and I got to hear about her last minute trip to Dallas.
My mid afternoon coffee break... or latte break always tastes heavenly. I loved the gradient that the steamed milk end espresso form when combined.

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