Sunday, February 07, 2016


This week has been full of blessings.
Jon and I met a group of tennis friends for dinner. The group... of 43 people filled the restaurant and then went dancing! We didn't have the stamina to go dancing with them, but had a great time anyway.
Jon's father sent us 2 boxes of beef! I made our first meal with it and they were delicious.
At one of my tennis matches this week, I stopped in the pro shop and found these amazingly comfortable hats. They're designed to stay on with a ponytail. They have wide elastic in the back and are completely machine washable! I bought them in white and black.
 This little cutie had a snow day and she and her mom took advantage of the weather and went snowshoeing. A typical Maine youngster!
Here are two more cuties. They are Lego-Makers Extraordinaire. The birthday boy assembled this Millennium Falcon in just a few days. Each of these angels also made their Valentine puppy. I have a great family!

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