Sunday, February 21, 2016


This week has been tough, but there is always, always much for which I am grateful.
I received an email from an old friend. This brought a smile to my face and reminded me of how good friends make life wonderful.
I had dinner with a good friend who shared many memories with me. I was so happy to get to know more about her.
Jon and I are getting certified for scuba diving. I completed my safety portion of the course and now we begin the practical part - the dives!
My niece is studying to become an artist and has her website set up for a class. She's posted some of her work which I love to see.
Some friends from my tennis team got together and worked on making decorations for a May banquet. We worked together and completed 101 flowers that night.
I was busy photographing a tennis match and the wind was so cold. My friends came up to me and handed me lined pants and a jacket to warm me up. It was the nicest thing! I kept telling myself that I could make it, that I would warm up... but then they surprised me with the clothes. I'm so lucky.

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