Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Maple Industry Means Business

New England maple producers have contacted the FDA for maple fakers. You know the kind, those that label things maple, when in fact they are artificially flavored and contain no pure maple product.
And this is serious business, where maple syrup sells for $49 -$69 a gallon and Mrs. Buttersworth Syrup sells for $8 - 12 a gallon.
But, are people being mislead or do they prefer the taste of the fake stuff?
I find maple syrup to be absolutely delicious and there is no replacement with the fake stuff. But, others feel that maple syrup is hideous. (Blasphemy!)
Maple Producers claim that products use the maple flavor to sell products that do not contain maple and therefore shouldn't be allowed to use the word "maple". They want the use of the word regulated.

While I don't like deceiving labels (who does?) isn't maple a flavor, just as vanilla or almond?
Is it sufficient to say "maple flavor"? Do we need laws that prevent products from using the term maple, unless they are approved by the maple industry?

How about people make up their own mind. If they want to buy pancake syrup - let them choose to purchase pancake syrup, or maple flavored syrup, or maple syrup trademarked by the New England Maple Producers.

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