Sunday, April 10, 2016


"Always keep your head up, because if it's down, you won't see the blessings that have been placed in your life."
This week has been full of blessings.
My Tuesday Tennis Team has finished the season. I had a great time, a great partner, and great subs during the season.
Jon and I went to dinner with our good friends. We tried a new place and I finally had the stone crabs I've been coveting all season! Fun night with friends.
Ashley is finishing up her final month at Boston University. It's hard to believe that she's already finishing college.
I've been working on more Shibori practice and am enjoying the process.
The ladies on my tennis team has been organizing a end of season luncheon. I've been working with some of the women and had a chance to get to know a few. It's been very fun.

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