Saturday, April 16, 2016


This week has been full of blessings, even despite tax day.
I've been continuing my attempts at Shibori technique. I love the colors of the dye and have started to appreciate the dangerously messy simmer of the cauldron.
As I see more and more painted buildings or street art, I'm starting to see the beauty in some of them. While I prefer the look of landscaping, foliage, manicured planters, there is some beauty in urban murals. (Particularly those that depict landscaping, foliage, etc.)
I had the good fortune to meet a new tennis player and play a few rounds with him this week. It's always enjoyable to compete against a good sport.
We were busy this week going to dinner with friends. We tried a new restaurant one night and returned to an old standby the other. 
I caught the sunrise one morning and was in awe. I was blessed in that moment to have a clear head and just be able to appreciate the quiet hush of the morning.

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