Sunday, April 24, 2016


I am blessed with a good life.
This week started off with a bang! We took friends to the airport who needed a ride to jet off to their much-needed vacation.
The following day we joined four of our friends to canoe down a river. Not only was the ride beautiful, but we saw lots of wildlife. Nature is miraculous and I am grateful to be able to smell the fresh air and feel the cool water.
I was asked to hit with a few players from my tennis team this week. It was great practice and I enjoyed our time practicing strokes.
My friend and I went to our bi-weekly girls dinner and tried out a new restaurant. We auditioned it for her birthday party and were pleased with the results.
I've been working on a few things and have been thrilled with the process. It's been very rewarding to just spend time practicing art techniques without any concern for the result. This is when I do my best work. It's hard to "let go" like this, but it is very rewarding.
This week is a birthday week for my twin sisters.

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