Friday, April 15, 2016

In The News

Here's an interesting story in the news concerning Farm-To-Table restaurants. The latest buzz in the food industry is the politically correct trend of farm-to-table. Restaurants advertise that their products are all locally sourced and patrons feel good that they contributed to the local economy, keep "green", and are eating organic and healthy.
In theory, this is great. When you go out to dinner, you are helping the small business restaurant, who then helps their local farms and suppliers. There's the notion that the foods and products are organic, not mass marketed, and original.
But, how do we know if any of this is the case?
The article explains how the investigator traced invoices for foods on the menu that were restaurants claimed were farmed and sourced locally. The invoices proved otherwise, as did the research into the actual origins of the food.
Makes the concept of farm-to-table a fantasy.

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