Monday, April 04, 2016

Interesting Things

Things have been very busy for me, but I've been researching a few things. Here are a few things of interest:
Shibori - I've started experimenting with Shibori technique for dyeing fabric. It's a fun process, similar to tie-dye, but more elegant. I like the idea of combining folds and stitches to resist dying fabric.
Pickled Vegetables - Quick pickled vegetables add a delicious tang to sandwiches, tacos, and meats. Instead of the long process of sterilizing jars, etc, these quick pickles are easy and delicious.
This Ho Ho Cake is a delicious layered cake that adds a vanilla frosting underneath the chocolate frosting!
Potato Skin's Mac and Cheese is a recipe of delicious, cheesy dinner
I watched this video on drawing jewels and went to town! What a fun way to unwind.

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