Thursday, April 21, 2016

More Shibori... Making a Scarf for My Sister

Working with the Shibori folds has been very enjoyable. Since I've spent a while working on various techniques, I felt comfortable branching out to a different type of dyeing.
 Previously, I have worked with 100% cotton towels or scarves and used a hot dye bath to set the colors. For my next trick, I wanted to make a silk scarf for my sister. Since silk is a natural fabric, it absorbs the dye beautifully. I also tried a different dye, Jacquard Dynaflo dyes. They come in brilliant colors that can be mixed. You use the dye, let the dyed fabric dry for 24 hours, then heat set it with an iron.
I started off the scarf the same way I did the cotton fabrics, by washing and then drying the piece. Next, I folded it into a square. I tied a rubber band to hold it together.
 I dipped 2 edges into the dye. I used a lot, to really soak through all the layers. I let it dry a bit, but not a lot and then added a second brilliant color.
 I was so pleased with the colors and they way they looked together, I was happy to stop here!
I let the fabric dry and then heat set it with an iron. It took a LONG time - about 90 minutes to press heat into all the areas. I love the way it came out. I hope my sister loves it too!


yassine mezrigui said...

Beautiful! Lucky sister! <3 !!

Bonnie B. says said...

It's beautiful. Good to know when to stop.