Thursday, April 07, 2016

My Attempts at Shibori, Part 3

My previous posts on Shibori can be found here and here.
 For my first binding pattern, I did a simple fold as shown below.
Then, I placed 2 wooden cut outs on the top of the folds and the bottom as well. I clamped them in place with clothespins, but wanted to make sure the hold was strong, so I added stronger clamps. I wet the entire piece of fabric (clamps and all) and then placed it in the dye bath. 
I removed the folded and bound fabric, rinsed the fabric until the water ran clear, then removed the clamps. I let the fabric dry, then washed it again.
What I liked: I love the way the pattern of the cut out shows up in neat little squares (from the folds).
What I learned: I need to place 2 more wooden cut-outs in the layers to get a nice continuous print.
Success on a scale of 1-10.  I liked the results, but would like it more if the shapes made it to all the folds. This can be remedied by adding more cut-outs in between the folds. I give it a 7. I will do it again, and hopefully get better results.

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