Friday, April 22, 2016

Second & Third Shibori Scarf

Previous Shibori posts can be found here. My first Shibori scarf can be found here. I've continued with the Shibori scarf making. This time, I used a dye (idye) that can be used in the washer or stovetop. I heated the dye in a pot on the stove. Because I was using silk, I added white vinegar to the bath.
I dissolved the dye packet and then added the vinegar. When the mixture was simmering, I added the bound fabrics.
I let them simmer for 30 minutes.
The scarf was made by binding the silk. I wrapped it tightly and then tied elastics about the length of the fabric.
This is the result. I love it!
The second fabric was tied a bit differently. I rolled the fabric, then placed clamps on top and bottom that held wooden cut outs.
The end result was an interesting effect without the obvious shapes from the wooden cut outs.

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