Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Shibori, Part 2, My Attempts at Shibori

The first post on this subject Shibori, Part 1 can be found here.
After learning the history of Shibori and the procedure, I gathered my supplies and started to experiment.
 I found 100% cotton bandanas at Micheal's Craft store. They come in white and are 15 inches square. They shrink - very wonky - but this wasn't a problem for my process. Just be sure to launder the fabric before using. You do not have to dry it, but you can. You just have re-wet it before you dye it.
I washed the cotton fabric and then spread it out on my work table.
I experimented with a few different binding techniques, that used folds, wrapping, and pressing. Then, I dipped the bound fabric in a water bath.
Then, I placed it in the dye solution. I chose a purple dye for my first experiment. I made a large bucket of dye, added the hot water and salt, according to the directions on the dye bottle and then the dye.
I placed my bound fabric pieces in the dye and waited about 2-3 minutes. I was super impatient and learned that the next time, I will let the fabric sit for at least 15 minutes, (or closer to the 90 minutes that the dye instructions suggest.)
Tomorrow, I will start showing the folds and binding patterns I used in Part 3.

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