Monday, April 18, 2016

Shibori - Round 2 Continued

I continued dyeing the bound fabric.
 I rolled the cotton fabric square, like a jelly roll, then placed rubber bands every 2-3 inches. I then folded the entire piece in half and bound it 4 spots. I like the result.
 In this fold, I folded the square into quarters and then folded the corners to the center point. I had another square and rolled the square across the center diagonally and bound rubber bands every inch to inch and a half. This is the result. The dye didn't get to the center layer.
Here, I folded the fabric into a rectangle and wrapped it with twine. I dyed it, but the dye didn't penetrate the inside. I really like the result.
I have two more samples to show tomorrow, from this round. They are my favorites! Stay tuned.

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