Thursday, April 14, 2016

Shibori - Round 2

My previous explorations in Shibori can be found here. I learned a few things and tried my hand at a few new pieces. I can't tell you how fun it is to dye pieces. The mystery of seeing what comes out from the dye bath is very fun!
Here are two of my attempts:
This one was fun. I placed tongue depressors on 3 layers (something I learned from previous attempts). I clamped them down with larger heavy clamps and used smaller camps on the sides.
The final result was very fun. 
This method was inspired by my friend Bonnie. She suggested using a PVC pipe, but I was impatient, so I used an empty wine bottle. I loved the result. I wrapped the fabric around the bottle, then placed elastic around the base and scrunched it down.
The result looks like a seascape. I love the result and am very happy with the resist. There was so much variation. The color even looked yellow or green, depending on how long I dipped it. The yellow was from a quick dip. I like how the top of the fabric is gradual gradients - like clouds. This was a winner for me!


Bonnie B. says said...

It's so exciting to see your results. Do you have plans for your creations or, like me, you do it just for the sheer fun of it?

DannyB said...

I am practicing for a big project. My sister asked me to make her a scarf, so I am trying out techniques. But, unexpectedly, I found a few results that I love, that I may frame and hang up.