Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Using Shibori Fabric

When I dyed this fabric, I immediately saw "a sunset over the waves" that I wanted to enhance.
Here is the Shibori binding process I used, wrapping a wine bottle with fabric, then binding with elastics. I dyed the fabric and it created the resulting pattern.
I washed and dried the fabric and set it down on 2 layers (plastic and canvas). I prepared my colors, by mixing Jacquard dyes. The dyes are made for fabric, but will work on most surfaces. They actually dye the fabric and this means the fabric stays soft and flexible. It's not a fabric paint that coats the threads.
I began painting the fabric, adding oranges and yellows. Then I painted a few highlights and shadows.

When I finished, I had the beginnings of a sunset. I'm considering adding some beading and making a wall hanging.

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